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BVB Series

When we began to develop the BVB Series, we asked ourselves which monitor features are most important to the world of professional film and television. Was it color accuracy? Yes. Was it a full complement of scopes onboard? Of course. How about the ability to display 4:4:4 signal? Absolutely.

Each Boland team member had a gut level instinct about what our new monitor series should offer. And because everyone on our team is passionate about what is most important…that is, most beneficial for our customers, well, because of this we could not reach a consensus.

So we did the next best thing. We built everything into one series.

4:4:4. Waveform and Vector Scopes. 16 channel audio with de-embedder and built-in speakers. Support for 2K. 3G SDI Single Link and Dual link. Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture…each frame getting it’s own scopes simultaneously and with the ability to monitor dual SDI signals at the same time. RGB parade. Digital and Analog signal inputs.10 bit processing and 10 bit panels. Calibration at the factory for various color gamut’s that can be changed on the fly: DCinema, 709, 601, EBU.

The list goes on and on and on. That’s just what happens sometimes when no one can agree.

BVB. When you need the best of the best.

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