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HD Series

If HD SDI is the feature you need in a small format model, Boland’s HD Series may be just the solution you are in search of.

All of our HD models are versatile and small, and feature dual HD/SD SDI inputs, as well as VGA and Composite. Some also have DVI, HDMI, and / or Component inputs…and like everything else, we’d be happy to add essential features for you. We are Boland, and we will build the monitor you need, the way you need it.

Standard sizes for the HD Series are available in 4:3 aspect (12″, 10″, 8″, and twin models 8″x2 and 10″x2), and in 16:9 aspect in a 9″ form factor (and 9″x2).

All of these models will accept any resolution 1920×1200, and each offers outstanding contrast, color, and resolution specifications. Other features include Gamma adjustment, Color Temperature adjust, and safearea frame markers.

All models are rack mountable in traditional 19″ broadcast racks, and all have standard VESA hole configurations for additional mounting options. Both stands and rack mounts are sold separately.

View our HD Series monitors below