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PVB Series

The PVB Series stands for functionality. It offers lots and lots and lots of features, and is the new standard for Field Production.

Similar to BVB, these units have 4:4:4. Waveform and Vector Scopes. 16 channel audio with de-embedder and built-in speakers. Support for 2K. 3G SDI Single Link and Dual link. Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture…each frame getting it’s own scopes simultaneously and with the ability to monitor dual SDI signals at the same time. Digital and Analog signal inputs.10 bit processing. Calibration at the factory for SMPTE Rec 709 color gamut.

The biggest difference between the BVB and PVB Series is that BVB uses 10 bit panels on sizes 17″ and 24′ while PVB uses 8 bit. And BVB allows for DCinema / P3 color space, while PVB focuses on SMPTE 709. Of course, PVB costs less, making it an outstanding selection when functionality is needed in the field, but cost is not.

View our PVB Series monitors below