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vp Series

The vp Series is the value model of choice for specialty monitoring needs. Often found on vehicles (with our built-in 9 to 36 volt regulator) or used in custom configurations, the vp models are available in a 4:3 native aspect ratio, in sizes 8″, 10″,12″, 15″, and 19.”

On each model there are signal inputs for VGA and Composite video, and some sizes offer Y/C and DVI capabilities as well. Customizable options include 9-36 volt input, a low voltage watchdog detector, black/white contact closure control, and both DC and AC power capabilities.

Please note that the vp Series does not have overscan, underscan, or reverse scan. If you are in need of a standard definition model with these features, you will want to take advantage of either the d Series or xd Series.

View our vp Series monitors below