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Zoic Chooses To Edit On Boland SE32, SE47

Zoic Studios, Los Angeles, CA, is a visual effects company based in Culver City, Calfiornia, which creates computer-generated effects for commercials, films, television and video games. Zoic’s accomplished artists and producers understand story, process, technique and relationships. Their team has

NEP Selects Boland Custom Models For State Of The Art ESPN Trucks

Click here to see “ESPN’s Truck “EN1″ (Monday Night Football)” “Now, a little bit about the workstation concept. Outside of the dedicated Kayenne production switcher control surfaces in the main, tape release, and studio control rooms, as well as the

P3 Boland Review

“After five years of using a 17-inch output monitor in my review system, I learned that what I really need was a 24- to 32-inch model for color grading apps because it’s really true that a larger monitor makes it

Team Detroit Chooses Boland

“We just recently purchased 4, SEL20 monitors for our online and offline rooms at Team Detroit. The quality and pricing of this particular monitor has greatly improved the viewing for our editors and clients. They came from the factory pre-calibrated

Game Creek Chooses Boland

Posted By Ken Kerschbaumer, Editorial Director On August 9, 2011 @ 2:23 pm In Insider “Game Creek Video this week will roll out the second of two new 53-foot expando units that will be used by ESPN this fall. Justice,